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No need to re-invent the wheel!  Download these user-friendly sheets to assist you in the smooth running of your practice.

  • Customise the letters to patients to ensure that you communicate in a professional manner.
  • Use the financial sheets to ensure that your day-to-day money management runs smoothly
  • Look at the suggestions for Internal Marketing
  • Download the user-friendly slips for ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks in the lab, in orders and stock management


  1. Creditors recons
  2. Daily weekly monthly check list for front-line staff
  3. Debtors email examples for collecting overdue money
  4. Debtors flow chart
  5. Employment contract template
  6. Medical aid confirmation and declaration
  7. New employee orientation
  8. New employee training program
  9. Patient information sheet with lifestyle dispensing
  10. Performance management master
  11. Petty cash
  12. Recall reminder flow chart and wording
  13. Repair slip
  14. Sundry & contact lens order form
  15. The disciplinary procedure and reports
  16. Time sheet – Attendance register
  17. Words to remember
  18. Appointment management tool
  19. CCMA Info sheet – Disciplinary procedures
  20. Creditors reconciliation

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