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Consulting & Facilitated Training

Daleen Slabbert Training & Consulting have been passionately involved in Business Management and Staff Training in various industries for more than 29 years.  Because each business has its own unique strengths and concerns, any problem posed to me receives a custom-built solution.  After a thorough review of your business, I work closely with you and your management team to ensure that all adjustments are implemented and that all employees clearly understand their roles in the team.

Once a customer, always a customer.  I pride myself in giving free email and telephone support to anybody who has dealt with me in the past.  This relationship will last until you do not need me any longer.

The Daleen Slabbert Training & Consulting facilitated training is presented in such a way that both experienced staff and new-to-your-industry employees may benefit. There are two training methods to choose from.

On-site training

To ensure a high level of industry related customer care, selling skills and administrative management. Your employees will be motivated and energised when they return to their place of work.  I hope to entice you and your staff to try out various tips and tricks on how to ensure that nobody will ever leave your practice for another! We will look at the best ways to make people feel welcome, respected, and well treated during their visit to your practice. You will learn how to tailor your customer service to people’s individual needs to ensure that each individual feel like a VIP.  You will be given the skills to determine the real need of the customer and how to fulfil these needs while keeping the customer in control of the process that determines the price.

Online training

Because it is not always possible for everybody to attend facilitated training in larger cities, the online training modules were developed to ensure that training is available to anybody anywhere in the world! The training material will help you shine in any situation where customer care and “people skills” are key.

Most of these modules have been designed around the Optical industry.  I am currently busy writing modules applicable to all industries.

Need a website?  I work in close conjunction with GSDM Agency ( to ensure that your digital presence is professionally taken care of.  They can suggest a top-notch marketing and social media plan to help get you noticed.

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